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The North American Waterfowl Management Plan is an international action plan to conserve migratory birds throughout the continent. The Plan's goal is to return waterfowl populations to their 1970s levels by conserving wetland and upland habitat. Canada and the United States signed the Plan in 1986 in reaction to critically low numbers of waterfowl. Mexico joined in 1994 making it a truly continental effort. The Plan is a partnership of federal, provincial/state and municipal governments, non-governmental organizations, private companies and many individuals, all working towards achieving better wetland habitat for the benefit of migratory birds, other wetland-associated species and people. The Plan's unique combination of biology, landscape conservation and partnerships comprise its exemplary conservation legacy. Plan projects are international in scope, but implemented at regional levels. These projects contribute to the protection of habitat and wildlife species across the North American landscape. In fact, the North American Waterfowl Management Plan is considered one of the most successful conservation initiatives in the world.To learn more about NAWMP and how to become a partner, see: The NAWMP Value Proposition

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The 2012 North American Waterfowl Management Plan – People Conserving Waterfowl and Wetlands presents a bold renewed vision for the future, grounded in 25 years of implementation of the 1986 North American Waterfowl Management Plan. Since its creation, the Plan has achieved wetlands and waterfowl conservation successes by adopting a partner­based model that has been broadly acclaimed and widely emulated. Building on a remarkable legacy of coordinated public­private strategies for managing waterfowl, our three countries have embarked on an ambitious journey to achieve a new conservation vision. Extensive public consultations have confirmed that we need to pursue abundant and resilient waterfowl populations and sustainable landscapes, through management decisions based on strong biological foundations. This Plan focuses more than ever on expanding an engaged community of users and supporters. This includes hunters and a non­hunting public, both committed to conservation and valuing waterfowl and their habitat as essential characteristics of the North American landscape. Citizens of our three countries ascribe increasing value to the broad suite of ecological values associated with wetlands and other important waterfowl habitats. They place their trust in science­based management that ensures sustainable populations of waterfowl. This Plan responds to the changing needs of our evolving societies while respecting and recommitting to the rich traditions that have been ours since before the founding of our nations. North America has an astonishing diversity and abundance of waterfowl. This Plan is intended to secure that legacy for current and future generations. As stated in the Plan itself, we are proud to pursue together the simple but powerful vision of “People conserving waterfowl and wetlands.” Read More Here
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What is NAWMP? Qu'est-ce-que PNAGS? Biological Foundation Landscape Approach Partnerships Fondement Biologique Approache d'amenagement Partenariats Cheapest Limo Service in Toronto, ON